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There are different approaches to validate your application’s incoming data.

Form and JSON validation

This project comes with cakephp/validation + selective/validation and contains some usage examples.

The cakephp/validation component is needed to validate complex form data (arrays) against a specific set of rules, and the selective/validation component collects the validation errors, throws validation exceptions and transforms the result into a proper JSON response.

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OpenAPI validation

The league/openapi-psr7-validator package can validate PSR-7 messages against OpenAPI (3.0.x) specifications expressed in YAML or JSON.

The justinrainbow/json-schema package is for validating JSON structures against a given schema.

JSON schema validation

The league/json-guard package lets you validate JSON data using json schema.

XML validation

The DOMDocument::schemaValidate method is able to validate XML files against a XSD schema.


The webmozart/assert and beberlei/assert package provides assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messages.