Configuration Directory

The directory for the configuration files is: config/

Configuration Environments

A typical application begins with three environments: dev, prod and test. Each environment represents a way to execute the same codebase with different configuration. Each environment loads its own individual configuration files.

These different files are organized by environment:

  • for the dev environment: config/
  • for the prod environment: config/
  • for the (phpunit) test environment: config/local.test.php

The file config/settings.php is the main configuration file and combines the default settings with environment specific settings.

The configuration files are loaded in this order:

  • Load default settings from: config/defaults.php

  • If the environment variable APP_ENV is defined, load the environment specific file, e.g. config/local.{env}.php

  • Load secret credentials (if file exists) from:

    • config/env.php
    • config/../../env.php

To switch the environment you can change the APP_ENV environment variable.

$_ENV['APP_ENV'] = 'prod';

Secret Credentials

For security reasons, all secret values are stored in a file called: env.php.

Create a copy of the file config/env.example.php and rename it to config/env.php

The env.php file is generally kept out of version control since it can contain sensitive API keys and passwords.

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