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Database configuration

You can configure the database settings for each server environment.

The default settings are stored in config/defaults.php, $settings['db']


A repository is the source of all the (database) data your application needs and mediates between the domain and data mapping layers. A repository improves code maintainability, testing and readability by separating business logic from data access logic and provides centrally managed and consistent access rules for a data source.

There are two types of repositories: collection-oriented and persistence-oriented repositories. In this case, I would prefer to speak of persistence-oriented repositories, as they are better suited to handling large amounts of data without sacrificing simplicity.

Each public repository method represents a query. The return values represent the result set of a query and can be primitive/object or list (array) of them. Database transactions must be handled on a higher level (service) and not within a repository.

Quick summary:

  • Communication with the database.
  • Place for the data access (query) logic.
  • Uses data mapper to create domain objects
  • This is no place for the business logic.

Query Builder

This skeleton contains cakephp/database as SQL query builder.

The query builder provides a convenient, fluid interface for creating and executing database queries. It can be used to perform most database operations in your application, and works great with MySQL and MariaDB.

It’s possible to replace the existing QueryBuilder with another component as listed below:

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