Webpack - Bootstrap Icons

Daniel Opitz
Daniel Opitz
07 Jan 2021

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Bootstrap Icons is a free, high quality, open source icon library with nearly 1,200 icons.

I had some problems installing Bootstrap Icons with Webpack 5. There was no information on the web, so I decided to post it here for people who might be interested.


To get started, install via npm:

npm i bootstrap-icons

The file-loader resolves import/require() on a file into a url and emits the file into the output directory.

To install the file-loader run:

npm i file-loader --save-dev

Then in the webpack.config.js file, add a new module rule as follows:

module: {
    rules: [
            test: /\.woff(2)?(\?v=[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9])?$/,
            include: path.resolve(__dirname, './node_modules/bootstrap-icons/font/fonts'),
            use: {
                loader: 'file-loader',
                options: {
                    name: '[name].[ext]',
                    outputPath: 'webfonts',
                    publicPath: '../webfonts',

Optional change the outputPath and publicPath.

Then include the bootstrap-icons.css in your app js file:


Finally, build the assets:

npm run build


Add HTML snippets to include Bootstrap Icons where desired.

<i class="bi-alarm"></i>