Moving away from Google

19 Dec 2018

I would say that I was a very loyal and excessive Google user.

But lately I became more and more frustrated with the usability of Gmail, Calendar and Notes.

Therefore I decided to search for alternatives.

After a lot of consideration I decided to switch to the following alternatives:

Make a Backup!

Use Google Takeout to backup your emails and most of the files stored in your google account.

Warning: Your Google Slides will not be included in the backup! Just export the Slides to PowerPoint.

Moving Gmail to

I moved all my Gmail emails with Outlook for Windows by moving all directories via IMAP to the new Outlook mailbox.

By default IMAP is disabled in Gmail. To enable IMAP you have to enable the IMAP access for external applications.

Empty your Gmail Trash

Moving the Google Calendar to the Calendar

I just created my calendar events manually.

But you can also export your Google calendar to vCalendar (*.ics) files and import it into your Outlook calendar.

Clear all of the events on your calendar and empty the Google Calendar Recycle Bin.

Moving Notes to OneNote

I exported my Google notes manually into Google Docs and then copy/pasted the content from the Google Doc to OneNote.

Delete the generated Google Docs and empty the Google Keep Recycle Bin.

Moving Google Drive to OneDrive

Install the OneDrive client on your PC and just move all the files out of the Google Drive directory.

Don’t for forget to empty your trash.

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